Staring at the close door constantly without blinking my eye in search of light that is far from me. Darkness have never been so scary to me but this time it is.Maybe it’s not just the darkness that is suffocating me maybe it’s a despair that’s not letting me see the hope,maybe it’s the end of life,end of everything for me.I questioned myself again and again will I ever be able to see the open door?will my countless prayers ever be answered? will my tears ever pave a way for me? but still there’s just a silence.
Can anything be more scarier than this? I was choking,the pain was harsh,the reality was bitter but I kept staring at the door consoling myself, may be there will be an illumination in my life. I dragged myself and did ablution just to see if there’s anything for me in that miraculous book and to my astonishment I found, the words are loud and clear

قَالَ لَا تَخَافَآ اِنَّنِىۡ مَعَكُمَاۤ اَسۡمَعُ وَاَرٰى

(20:46) He said: “Have no fear. I am with you, hearing and seeing all.
And then i know there’s a door Allah has already opened for me and all i have to do is to search out for that door.
Indeed in evil there’s a good

16 thoughts on “WILL THE DOOR EVER OPEN?

  1. This is really motivational and I love the starting. The line ‘maybe it’s not just darkness suffocating me, maybe it’s a despair…’ is pretty amazing. Keep writing!

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  2. Subhan Allah exceptionally good♥️♥️

    It so happens sometimes that we randomly open a page from the Quran and we find the answer to something or it truly feels this Allah talking to me telling me something and this post very well explains how that really happens in true life.

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  3. Uhhh Insa your posts amazes me ALWAYS! I just love the way you’ve poured your thoughts in! Masha’Allah!!😭❤️❤️
    Your write ups reflects your connection with Allah tala and your belief in Him which is incredible! Masha’Allah la quwwata illa billah! May we all put our Trust and Belief in HIM ONLY! And May our taqwah increase! Ameennn🥺♥️🌻

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    1. Shanoor jazakillah khair for your kind, loving and motivating words❤
      Its just a little try to let people know that every solution of our problems is already in quran.Ameen sumameen. May Allah bless us with his love and mercy.ameen❤

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  4. This is so beautiful ❤ It’s amazing, how when we take one step to Allah, He truly does come running to us. I feel like in the moments where we need Him soo much, and we just flip open to a random page in the Qur’an, it’s exactly what we need in the moment. A sign that He truly does love us 💛

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