I always wonder why do we have to be broken apart in order to heal.
Throughout my life I questioned myself how it would be if we got everything in our life we ever wished for? An ideal life, never ending happines, flawless strategies,infact life full of joyful moments.
I always heard saying People that Life won’t remain same forever if you are happy today there will be days when you have to suffer but I never believed on this unless and until I came across a moment in my life where I have seen my prayers are not being answered,thats so strange and stressful to me but Allah tala only you know I kept asking from you again and again because I think i do complete tawakkul on you
in a way that it should be done so and so you will surely grant me what I am asking for without realizing what if there’s no good in that, what if I am asking you an evil which would destroy me later,and since I know that things have always go as per my plan this time they will go too but for the first time in my life I didn’t get what I want. I kept thinking about it as you know Allah taa’la I always told you I trust you but something suddenly clicks in my mind if it’s what trust meant to be it shouldn’t matter if my prayers are going to be answer or not……what if my prayers are going to answer in a different way perhaps in a most beautiful way and all I have to do is just a little bit more sabr(patience)because Allah taala you always know whats best for us but still my mind kept complaining to you,questioning you why it happened to me,why I didn’t get my desired thing, infact I became annoyed ALLAH TAA’LA IS IT WHAT TAWAKKUL IS? I think no,may be I have been missing a major concept of tawakkul or maybe because i have never been tested by you,things are getting mixed up in my mind. I was asking myself again and again don’t I have tawakkul on you Allah tala? if yes then why I am not happy with what you have choosen for me? With rambling thoughts and countless questions I started scrolling down my facebook And there i came across an ayah
Perhaps you dislike something which is good for you and like something which is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not know.QURAN2:216
Puzzle in my mind gradually settling down.Allah tala I am getting now that Tawakkul is not about being happy when you have what you want its about trusting you in times of difficulty.Tawakkul is what Hazrat MOOSA A.S did when he was standing infront of the river, tawakkul is what HAZRAT YOUSUF A.S did when they were thrown in a well, tawakkul is relying completely on you when you know there’s no way out like HAZRAT YOUNUS A.S did.
And here I got my answer why do we have to be broken apart in order to heal  because Allah tala now I know we lack tawakkul in our lives .The tawakkul which is not just saying that I have a complete trust on you but it’s accepting that nothing can be more better than what YOU has written for us,now i know why do we have to faced all such hardships in our lives,moments that broke us,scattered us into pieces may be Allah tala because you not only want us to learn that happy moments never lasted forever but how can we cherished the saddest moments of our life only by relying on you.
Thank you Allah tala for telling me you won’t leave me alone and everything will eventually make sense to me.
And rely upon Allah; and sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs.Qur’an-33:3.

10 thoughts on “DEAR ALLAH TAA’LA

  1. Such a powerful and beautifully written post 💛
    I like to remind myself if my duas aren’t answered in this world, they will be most definitely be answered in the next, in an even better way! And you know what, I was actually thinking of that ayah just a couple days ago. Sometimes, we don’t get what we want and ask for, and maybe it’s because it’s not good for us. Only Allah knows. Great post! 🙂

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  2. Wonderful heart to heart talk with Allah Taala 💕💕
    This is what He likes. He wants us to talk to him like we talk to our friends seek. I felt that connection in this post.

    Allah Taala has His ways and means of giving us what we want and when.

    I heard that sometimes Allah Taala loves the call of a believer when asking for something that he keeps us on hold to listen us calling out to Him. Isn’t it so great to know that He loves to listen to US.
    and sometimes He doesn’t grant us our duas instead He wards off certains calamities that are about to take place in our lives.

    May He accept all your duas.(Jaaez aur nek dili tamannaen as per my mom) 💕😇

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  3. Beautifully written! InshaAllah you will get rewards for sharing this story to the world as it is such a powerful one and it is something that we always need to remember because sometimes trusting means trusting blindly..and that is real trust


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